“We greatly appreciate the foresight, professionalism, care, dedication and patience you always give to looking after our interests. It is of tremendous help to us to know we have a trustworthy person who is continually acting on our behalf in a wise and considerate manner.”
Mr and Mrs Knight, Epsom


“We certainly have the garden that we wanted. We were very pleased with the execution and it looks great. Each day the garden changes and we are getting an enormous amount of pleasure from it.”
Mr and Mrs Abbott, Hertford 


“It’s perfect. I have the garden I always wished for.”
Mrs D, St Johns Wood


“Laurie has created a garden which together we can care for, we can evolve over the coming years with his expert guidance and incredible wisdom and knowledge of all things that grow in a garden! It has been such a pleasure working with Laurie that he is now a firm friend too.

We cannot recommend him highly enough. We trusted him with our garden and he has delivered way beyond our expectations. If you have the chance of making the same choice, you should do.”
Mr and Mrs Timmons, Cambridge


“I really like the look of the newly planted areas. I keep finding myself looking at them and feeling an unexpected happiness! They will be a good front piece to the garden and house for years to come; the garden is looking great and is really starting to take shape.”
Mr Osborn, Much Hadam


“A year down the line, our ‘Fibonacci’ garden that Laurie designed is looking spectacular. We asked him to come up with something different, and he achieved 10/10. There are so many ideas that he came up with that I wouldn’t have imagined, the feature mirror, the horizontal fencing, the curved patio, raised beds, pleached Hornbeam and Yew hedge, as well as all of the planting on top that has given us a beautiful Summer garden; full of colour, but with structure as well. Worth every penny and the time it took to build, it is our best room by far in the Summer.”
Mr P, Broxbourne